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Privacy Policy

We understand that the privacy of our customers at is extremely important. We intend to use this Privacy Policy as a way to inform our customers about our methods for treating personal information that is submitted to us. This Privacy Policy is designed in reference to We will regularly refer to as "we," "us," and "Site." Keep in mind that the Privacy Policy on this page is only applicable to personal information submitted via this Site. This Privacy Policy does not apply to other websites, companies, and organizations that we are linked to.

Collection and Usage of Information

When you request information, services, or products through the Site, you are granting us the right to collect/use your personal information in order to respond. In order for us to obtain quotes regarding insurance services and products, we must be able to collect personal information about you. For instance, if you need a quote regarding insurance coverage, we require your full name, telephone number, address, and other information to obtain said quote.

It is also possible that we could collect information regarding demographics. This type of information includes zip code, gender, or any other piece of information that isn't directly related to personal information.

The Disclosure and Sharing of Information

There are certain circumstances under which we will share your personal information. They are as follows:

Requests for Insurance Quotes:

When you request a quote, we will share your disclosed personal information with third parties. Personal information includes your name, telephone number, home address, email address, vehicle information, etc. Third parties include insurance carriers/agents/providers and lead aggregators. This is how we are able to fulfill quote requests. Under certain circumstances, there is a possibility that we might need additional information about you to fully process a quote request.

Any and all Service Providers that we work with are legally bound to an agreement with the Site that bars them from mishandling any personal information provided to them. This agreement is also designed to limit our Service Providers' usage of said information. Additionally, it is required that the Service Providers abide by state and federal privacy regulations. Once you submit a quote request to the Site, you allow our affiliate Service Providers to get in touch with you via telephone (through a recorded message or automated calling), postal mail, or email. This is how we are able to process and fulfill quote requests. You are also giving Service Providers permission to call you, even if you are listed under the FTC's National Do Not Call List, any equivalent administered by your state, the Do Not Call List administered by, or an equivalent list administered by any of our Service Providers. If you don't wish to hear from a particular Service Provider again, you are to contact and make a request specifically with that Service Provider. Keep in mind that our Service Provider(s) might collect and keep information provided to them regardless of whether or not you utilize their services.

If the Law Requires:

In the event of subpoenas, state/federal audits, court orders, or other special circumstances, we could be legally required to disclose your personal information to government agencies and/or law enforcement. In certain cases, we might deem it necessary to disclose this personal information to prevent, take action against, or investigate suspected fraud, violations against the Site's Terms of Use, illegal activity, or any situation that appears to threaten any person's physical safety. If we are required by law to share your personal information, we will cooperate in the appropriate manner.

Corporate Transactions:

In the future, it is realistically possible that we could eventually sell our business or enter into a merger/divestiture/asset sale/consolidation. Should a similar transaction or change take place, the successor or resulting company would be able to access any and all information kept by us. This includes your personal information. However, your personal information would still be legally bound to this Privacy Policy document unless you eventually consent otherwise (for example, agreeing to a new Privacy Policy).

Technology Used for Information Collection

We are always looking for new ways to serve our users, as well as our Service Providers, as quickly as possible. With that said, we use a range of technologies in information collection. The technologies include:

Tracking Cookies:

Cookies are minor files generated by your web browser. They are designed to help enhance your user experience on websites you frequently visit. Rather than having to re-download certain elements of a website each time you visit it, your browser creates "cookies" so that it can rebuild the data quickly. We use cookies to greatly enhance the load time of These cookies also help us with tracking our customers. We use customer-tracking data as a means to enhance our users' experiences. This technology also helps us find out whether our customers are successfully using our website or not. There is a possibility that we might collect click stream data from the websites of our partners. This data collection is solely limited to activity related to our website offer completion. We utilize the collected data to keep track of our partners' performance as well. We will also sometimes utilize cookies to display targeted advertisements (or our partners' targeted advertisements) on the Site. We may also use these cookies to display targeted advertisements on our partners and affiliates' websites.

Log Files:

We will also keep record of any IP addresses that you use to connect to This special address is used by other computers on the Internet to identify your device when you go online.

Email Policy

When you disclose contact information to, you agree to receive contact from us in a direct fashion, via the Site, or via a third party. Every so often, we will contact you with newsletters and information regarding promotions and offers. You can contact [email protected] if you wish to cease email contact. We also include an unsubscribe link in each email we send out.

Advertisements from Third Parties

Keep in mind that we only have control over our own policies and mailing lists. Third party advertising groups also maintain mailing lists that have the potential to market our services/products. If you opt to disclose your personal information to any of our Service Providers, that disclosure will be bound to those Providers' own privacy procedures and policies. If you no longer wish to hear from a Service Provider, you are required to contact that entity directly.

Security and Confidentiality

We understand the importance of safeguarding your personal information. Employees and agents are limited in the types of personal information that they receive about you. They only have access to integral information that helps them provide requested services and products. We are also excessively compliant with federal/state standards in order to protect your personal information.

Our Links to Third Parties

Any information you provide to is subject to this Privacy Policy. With that said, when you leave our Site or even visit a third party website, you begin to adhere to their own privacy policies and terms. Should you decided to divulge information to a third party or enter into a business transaction with it, you are then required to adhere to that entity's privacy policy. Please note that third parties will typically maintain their own policies in regards to cookies and log files. Before requesting services, disclosing information, or entering into a business transaction with a third party, please take a moment to review its business policies.

Privacy of Children

In order to legally use, you must be at least 18 years of age. To the best of our knowledge, we do not keep or use information about visitors younger than 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years old, you may only utilize this website under the guidance of a parent or guardian. For additional information, refer to the Terms of Use.

Modification and Removal of Information

If you request it, we can provide a compilation of personal information about you that we maintain. This information can be disclosed via email and postal mail. We can only legally disclose this information to the email/home address attached to your records. If you'd like to update, modify, or remove any personal information of yours that we have, please contact [email protected]

Non-US Visitors

This Privacy Policy document directly applies to visitors who reside in the United States. When you visit or use its associated services/products, you permit the transferring of your information to our facilities, as well as our third party affiliates. The privacy laws of your country of residence do not apply to this particular document or Site.

Help and Suggestions

If you'd like more information about the Privacy Policy, or if you'd like to make a suggestion, you can contact us at [email protected]

The Modification of this Privacy Policy

At any point in time, it's possible that we could modify this Privacy Policy. If we make any material changes, or if our methods for handling personal information changes in any way, we will make a noticeable note of it on In general, you should read this policy before each usage of this Site in order to familiarize yourself with any modifications to our privacy standards. After we make changes, your continued visits to our Site signify your agreement to the updated privacy practices unless you have opted to notify us that you decline said changes.

Your Agreement with

When you use this site, you are officially agreeing to this Privacy Policy. If you decline this policy or find that you don't agree with it, cease usage of any part of the Site. Once you request information, such as insurance quotes, via the Site, you indicate your permission for us to share this information with our partners. These partners might try to communicate with you via telephone, email, or postal mail correspondence. If you no longer wish to hear from a partner, you are to immediately and directly notify them.